Body of work concerned with vulnerabilities of materials and surfaces. I photographed objects derived from animals and which were once alive (chamois, lard) - ‘Breathless’ and ‘Plasticine’ (2017-2018). Through playing with the form (reshaping, stretching, squeezing and wetting) I was trying to bring the objects back to life but at the same time subjecting them to my power and forcing the no longer living objects into different shapes. I work in the darkroom with analogue processes and print fibre base photographs by hand, often as large as 50x40 inches. My work deliberately resists the pressure to achieve flawless images and treats a photographic image as an object. The ‘In this hollow valley’ exhibition included photographs retouched with silver and clay vessel objects.
'What Is To Be Considered Human?' exhibition review by Agne Narušyte. 2019
The exhibition was supported by Lithuanian Photographers Association/ Lithuanian Council of Culture​​​​​​​ and Street Level Photoworks.
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